personally – the biography

Maximo Simon loves swimming in the city’s wild and pure river where he grew up. He is a Swiss artist with interests to landscape architecture In the past he worked with and within the nature and learned a professional occupation with a degree. Maximo has always dealt with natural themes and, as an artist, he creates still artworks that be on mind with natural systems. He’s motto “our nature, our fortune” is deeply rooted in his understanding of how humans have to interact and behave with nature. Maximo is fascinated by the shapes and colors of the nature. But also, from the natural arrangement of plants in the forest. The impermanence and patina of nature is carried with dignity and shows imperfection in life. Maximo is guided by these approaches and uses this inspiration to develop different series such as “Oceangrounds”, “Nature Colors” and “Desert of …”

career – artistic approach 

Maximo Simon likes the different haptic and sensual feelings of the materials and brings them together. He tries to combine subtle color nuances in his work and he likes to work in a reduced way and selects material and color in a targeted manner. It is important to him that textures and colors mesh cleanly. As a result, his artworks are reduced and delicate. His artwork are also inspired by the Japanese motto of “Wabi-Sabi”. It signifies the love for the imperfection, impermanence and irregularity of nature. He uses mostly canvas and creates different series with different themes of nature. Often in coherences with natural elements like fire, water, desert and ice. Also, are the series colored themed and often theme based of one inspiration. For this, he uses acrylic, pigments, spray paint, sand, mortar, fluids and other supplies. 

the content of artworks – our nature, our fortune 

the Japanese Wabi means to enjoy lonely stillness and austerity. The Japanese Sabi means to show maturity and patina. These two components combine into a mindful concept that inspires me. In the end, it’s all about sheer simplicity. For example I find a clay bowl that has an imprecise, non-round shape incredibly beautiful.

My works address the changes and fascination of nature and relate to environmental awareness. I pursue environmentally conscious approaches such as the series “Fire” and “Australian Desert Ground”, which refers to the drying up of the earth and the signal of bush fires. For me, nature has its own body language. Structures in my works are important to me. These show the fragility, but also the strength of life and the diversity of nature.

The “Oceangrounds” considering to the beauty of water and the possibility to dive deep into a world of silence. The series “Solitudes” shows the fragility of icebergs on a clean ocean surface and the iceberg is created in three-dimensional ways.

the outcome 

Maximo Simon has exhibited in New York City, Venice, Bern, Parma, Munich, Lausanne, Strasbourg and Zurich. His works has been seen in an hong art museum in Chongijing/ China in from July to Octobre 2022. Maximo was also represented different international art fairs. He received his last commission from Five Global Holding from Dubai, where Maximo Simon has implementing an art commission for the 5-star luxury hotel Five Zürich. In January 2021 he was voted “Artist of the Month” by It’s Liquid Group from Venice/ Italy. His collectors are based in Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA and Germany.

Maximo Simon has exhibited in New York City, Venice, Bern, Parma, Forli, Munich and Zurich. His works can also be seen in an art museum in Chongijing/ China in summer/autumn 2022. He is also represented at art fairs, including the International Art Fair Lausanne. He received his last commission from Five Global Holding from Dubai, where Maximo Simon is implementing an art commission for a planned 5***** luxury hotel in Zurich. In January 2021 he was voted “Artist of the Month” by It’s Liquid Group. Maximo Simon Walther is a contemporary, modern designer and painter. He’s artworks are related to nature with the slogan “our nature, is our fortune”. He takes commissions and works for hotels. His artworks are in international collections and museums. Maximo Simon Walther artworks fit perfectly to hotels, offices and private collections. Maximo Simon Walther is based in Bern, Switzerland and works worldwide. His clients are in the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom, Scotland, Germany and Switzerland. Maximo Simon Walther works as an artist in contemporary art, modern art, expressionism, abstract art and connects nature themes and topics with art. He has exhibited in New York, Munich, Hamburg, China, Parma, Lausanne, Zürich, Bern, Montichiari, Genova in solo exhibitions, group exhibitions on art fairs and international art galleries. His art is in private collections, museums, art fairs and hotels. He takes commission from hotels and restaurants. His contemporary artworks fit perfectly to hotels, hotel rooms, check-in areas and restaurants. He has galleries in Paris, Arles, Venice and Padova. He works for galleries in London, New York and Singapore. His art is in Paris, Milano and Basel.

Maximo Simon Walther

– painter of contemporary art

- our nature, our fortune -


Contemporary artwork from Maximo Simon Walther. Ink on paper in copper, green and yellow fluid emerged together.

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